How To Use This Site

On Your Own

It’s you!
  1. Read the articles, look into the links and answer the questions honestly on your own.
  2. Then decide where to go from here. Did you discover something new? Get excited about an idea you already had? Woke up two hours later realizing the article bored you to sleep?
  3. Do something about it. Take an action that seems to hit at the center of the problem. Maybe that action is discussing this topic in an unbiased way with your friends. Maybe you want to volunteer with an organization that is doing well at getting to the root of this problem. Maybe you want to start your own organization. Maybe you should read a different article, I mean there must be something on here we can find to keep you awake.

In a Group

Feel free to include birds.


  1. Pick an article for the group to read. Give them time to look through the links and do their own research. Make sure they answer the questions honestly.
  2. Discuss your conclusions with the group. What was discovered? What was confirmed? What did they like or not like?
  3. What could be done about it? Does your group want to take an action, discuss another topic? Understand, having an open honest discussion that leads to people really considering the nuts and bolts of a topic can be a solution in and of itself.

In a Club or Class



  1. Meeting 1: At the first meeting of the group have the group pick about 5 topics they will read articles for and assign those topics to weeks. I would suggest meeting about eight weeks total.
  2. Meeting 2-6: Each week participants should come having read the article, followed links and answers the questions honestly. Take the meeting time to discuss the questions.
  3. Meeting 7: Either during this meeting or at the end of meeting 6 the group should discuss which topic really captured their attention and interest. Then talk about what their group is going to do about this topic. Will you commit to engage in open conversations with other about the topic? Will you volunteer with an organization that really seems to be addressing the problem well? Will you raise money for an organization that is? Will you start your own organization? The list goes on. Your action could be small or big. The main goal or your action should be to address the root of the issue based only on facts and not on passion or heresay.
  4. Meeting 8: DO IT. Go out there and do the effective thing you have decided on. Have those conversations. Set up a time to volunteer. Start the leg work on your new organization. Just make sure this is part of your club or class

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